Emotional Accountability.....

I like the sound of those words together... Why?  I think it says a lot about people and how they approach dating and relationships.

From what I can tell, people in general don't want to be held accountable or their part in a failed anything... be it a chance encounter, first date, one month relationship, and so on.  The truth is the responsibility falls on both participants when it comes to whether or not two people (or more if you're into that sort of thing) works out.  I can say with all degree of certainty that my marriage did not last because of contributing factors from both husband and wife.  While the two of us continue to wrestle with the changes we've had to make in our lives by no longer being together, we rarely get into blaming each other as to why it didn't work.  We both hold ourselves accountable for what transpired.

What's my point?

Look we are all imperfect and it's safe to assume that we all mishandle a situation from time-to-time.  The key is... is the person who you feel has wronged you done so with intent or not.  Was it done because he or she is mean-spirited?  I think those things are pretty easy to determine.  I know that I continue to learn a lot about myself as I continue to date and pursue... Like I may have hinted at in other posts, I think I get ahead of myself and need to learn to let things take their course... I need to slow it down.  This is how I hold myself accountable when things don't pan out... hey, can I help it if I get excited when I meet a cool chick? :p

Additionally, I expect the same from the other person.  Spend less time blaming and making assumptions and simply ask yourself..."well, why didn't that work out?"  Granted there are guys out there who are insensitive and mean and could care less about who they hurt... same goes for girls... I know I'm not one of these people...  My intent is never to purposely hurt or be mean to somebody.  But everything plays out as it should and the world keeps turning.

Done and DONE!

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